We will provide a thorough checkup of your periodontal health, look for cavities and tooth decay, and identify any loose or misaligned teeth.  And recommend a custom plan based on your personal situation and insurance plan.


We use Piezo for teeth whitening.  Piezo is an advance ultra-sonic teeth whitening system that offers  a quiet, painless and comfortable experience.  Our advance teeth whitening process will eliminate stains, tarter and other discoloration, plus prevent cavities and gingivitis by our use of the Peridex oral rinse.


Whiten your teeth in 45 minutes or less.  Revitalize and restore your teeth to its youthful state with the ultra-advance Zoom UV whitening system.  Whiten your teeth like the stars with the truly revolutionary Zoom Whitening system.


By using the latest laser oral surgery technology, we can drastically reduces the pain and recovery time traditionally associated with dental implants.  The process is quick and easy, and the implants will feel as natural as your own teeth.


Recently developed, ceramic filings has become a much more popular replacement for metal filings.  Not only is it more natural looking, but it is much more durable.  And unlike some metal filings, it eliminates potential health risks such as allergies caused by toxins.


Let us help you create the most effective and economical cavity prevention regimen that requires very little time and is easy to maintain.


Excessive wear can cause overly sensitive teethnas well as cracks or chipped tooth, damaged gums, misalignment and pain.  Our use of the most advance materials and techniques will ensure the long term health of your teeth and gums.


Improve the appearance of your teeth with our high-density porcelain veneers.  With immediately noticeable improvement in your teeth’s color, alignment and shape, you will not only get praises, but healthy, revitalized teeth.

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